[Octivity] My Ventures Into the South China Morning Post Newsroom

Hong Kong, Jun 28th, 2015

I’ve never imagined that I would be able to gain a “behind-the scenes” look at print media in Hong Kong. I’ve always seen the South China Morning Post in my employer’s house. My employer’s daughter, who is in third grade now, brings them home weekly for her school projects. I read it too, but I don’t understand it sometimes. Ah, as you know, my English is horrible. I compare my articles (in English) with those of younger writers. Oh, their work is so much better than mine. How come? They make me feel so jealous.

Today is one of the most amazing days in my life. I met Wendy and Putri from the BMI (Buruh Migran Indonesia, an association for migrant workers) library, Robin and Christina from SCMP, Sunnie from Lensational and Asti, my ‘partner in crime’. They are very nice, friendly and professional.

Lensational gives opportunities to migrant workers in Hong Kong who want to be different, more confident, skilfull and empowered in photography. This non-profit organisation not only teaches us how to improve at photography, but also provides training for: volunteering at Hong Kong events, going on photo hunts with professional photographer, editing or post-processing of photos.

One thing I remember most from the first time I joined Lensational is that photography is the process of how to fall in love with photographs.

I tell to my friends about my experience. One of them said that she hasn’t got a camera. How can she take photographs? Another said, I can’t speak English, I can’t speak Chinese.

I am not good enough in photography now. But Iwill study harder and harder so i could be better soon. Do you want to study together with me?

I am not good enough in photography now. But Iwill study harder and harder so i could be better soon. Do you want to study together with me?

Then, the five of us walked to SCMP office in Wanchai. We went to the third floor. And … OMG, this is the newsroom with all the editors. So silent here, only a few person who were sitting on chairs and working. If somebody asked me how to describe the room, I would answer: spooky. It is a fact: people under the pressure of deadlines, blended with the cool aircon feels spooky.

One other journalist looked at Asti and I strangely, like he just saw aliens landed on earth (yaaaa, these aliens will destroy you, guys). But when he turned his eyes to Christina, he didn’t care of us anymore. Christina told us that most of the journalists were out to hunt for news. They will come back later in the afternoon. She brought us to the room, and Robin prepared everything for the interview of me Asti and I.

Recording on progress

I am not so confident with my English, but Robin helped me to speak better. Also, Sunnie and Asti helped me too.

After that, we went back to the ground floor for another interview, and took pictures before leaving. Robin showed us many kinds of ‘war equipment’ used by journalists: cameras and video recorder. OMG, I can’t imagine how I would feel if I had my own.

Look the way they stare each other ... Eaaaakkk

'Monyong' is my state

But then I saw my bag….

Yes, of course I had one.

I had my own camera.

There is no need for me to imagine getting one more for now. There is nothing that I want to do now, except to share this story with you.

Photo by: Sunnie Chiu.

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