[Nekad] Anik Dwi Kumalasari: Accidentally Dreaming

Hong Kong, Mid Aug, 2015.
“Let us hang on to our dreams, high in the sky. Even if we fail, we will have fallen down on to the bright stars.”
Nature inside (of me).

Anik Dwi Kumalasari is from Malang city, East Java of Indonesia (situated around 869 km from Jakarta). She has been living in Hong Kong as a domestic helper since 2003. This was so that she could earn money to continue her studies university, and help her mother out as her father passed away when she was 8.
In Hong Kong, she lived with a family and took care of their four children. She found life to be very difficult and uncomfortable as she couldn’t speak, hear, nor read Cantonese. These are similar problems faced by other domestic helpers. No friends, no families and only one holiday a month. She cried every night. She coped by writing her feelings down into a diary.
One day, one of the children had an accident at home. Blood was everywhere. Anik was so scared when she heard that the kid had to go through a surgery treatment because of the wound. She packed her clothes, anticipating that her employer would terminate her work contract.
Her employer found her and chided her.
Indonesia - Hong Kong (Doc. Lensational)
“What have you done? We are still need you. Silly.”
Times went on. She improved her language skills by watching cartoon films. Her employer gave her free time to watch video channels after finishing her work. Besides the language skills, good communication was very important.
In 2009, Anik went back to Indonesia for good. At home, she followed and watched an adventure television programme which was hosted by a female presenter. She dreamed of meeting the presenter one day.
Her chance came. The TV station organised a big mountain camping programme that took place for a few days. Anik did not care about the programme, and just wanted to meet the presenter to take a photograph together. And, she did.
From then on, she acquired many amazing experiences, friends and new passions. She has fallen in love with nature, mountains, hiking, and also camping.

Crazy part I (Doc Anik)

Crazy part II (Doc Anik)
Crazy part III (Doc Anik)

As an amateur female hiker, Anik was treated well by seniors. They supported and took good care of her, especially when they hiked to Tambora mountain (2581 mdpl) in Sumbawa, Lombok Island. It was famou” as it cooled down to a temperature for 9 degrees it when exploded a century ago, in 1915. After the expedition, Anik transformed into the “crazy” hiker.
Two years ago, she came back to Hong Kong again. In the early 2014, she joined Lensational for Holga session of photography classes led by documentary photographer Simon Wan. She learned much about photography.
She is proud to know the Lensational founders and volunteers, they are not only young but they inspired every student to be more confident, and supported every student’s dreams. Simon Wan also “injected” her with other “crazy hiking viruses”. Both of them love hiking.
“I am big and noisy, hahaha,” she explains about herself.
Georgeous in traditional  costume, 'kebaya'
Yeah, she is tall. She acts like big sister who always take care of her two little “crime partners”, Sinna (me) and Asti, while we pursued our “insanity” in taking photographs.
Sisters (Doc. Indohikers)
The craziest thing that we have done is to dream about holding a photography exhibition. Accidentally, Lensational and Simon Wan supported us. We exhibited our photos in mid-August, 2015. 
Some photos and text by me, edited by Lensational.
Soul Exhibition (Doc. lensational)

She and her goals (Doc. Lensational)


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