[Fiks-isme] Open Letter to Loco-Loco [FC]


Open Letter to Loco-Loco

How are you, dear Loco? Alright? Hope you so.

Since you left me a photograph that day, it had been a year ago we never met again. You said that you will be back soon as possible after you finish your trip.

What peak did you mention that day? Hm ... Lantau peak? Yeah, Lantau peak. It is one of highest peak in Hong Kong after Tai Mo Shan, you said. You have chosen it because you're interest of night view of Hong Kong from the height.

As a photographer, you used light to draw and catch it up in the dark. What's then?

You sent me a mention letter from its summit to my phone. 
"You will be here someday, Ri."

I am here, now, on the top of Lantau peak without you. Where are you? I am looking for you. You had a promise with me. You have to pay it!

What? You forgot what you said?

I gave a box of Beef Serundeng, remember? You can eat them all but you have to give back my food container. No, No. The problem doesn't on the food but you. I want you back home safely.

You are liar, Loco. How do you broke my trust? You never come back till now.

Sincerely yours.

Photos & text : by me.


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